Milan will donate about 7,000 cups of coffee to needy people

MILAN, 05 OCTOBER (ANSA) – The “Caffè Sospenso” initiative, produced by Fiera Milano, will be held in Milan on October 10 and will offer around 7,000 free cafés to people in need.

About 70 bars in the region have accepted to attend the event and can offer about 100 cups of coffee to the needy population. To help customers, all the bars that will participate in the initiative will be identified with posters. The bar is a vital sector of the Italian economy and society, which is why they were chosen to participate in the action.

The “caffè sospenso” (“free coffee”) is a centennial attitude in Italy, mainly by the working class of Naples. The action consists in letting another person get a cup of coffee in advance as an act of charity.

Fonte: ISTOÉ – Blogs
Data: 05/10/2017